#1 Best Ever Diet for Acid Reflux and Barretts Esophagus



READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO LIVE … This diet promotes the natural digestive enzymes that are contained in raw fruits, raw nuts, raw vegetables and raw milk and is intended to help YOU, the serious acid reflux sufferer, manage that nasty condition. Heating milk above 117 degrees kills enzymes in the raw milk so that it is therefore no longer raw. You must drink RAW MILK … it is extremely easy to digest since it is full of enzymes, probiotics, protein, calcium and other nutrients. Raw milk is milk that is straight from the cows’ tits and has never been pasteurized. The more raw milk you drink the less acid stomach you will have – guaranteed. Learn to snack on a glass of raw milk when you are hungry because the enzyme loaded fats and protein will stave off hunger. Raw milk acts like medicine to prevent acid stomach (notice that I did NOT say that raw milk is an antacid once you are suffering). Raw milk will cause a healthy alkaline climate inside your stomach. If your state legislature says you cannot buy raw milk in your state write your representative a nasty letter and tell him to kiss your ass because acid stomach is a serious goddamn condition that can be neary eradicated by drinking RAW (never pasteurized) milk … also write to the milk lobby and tell them to “fuck off” as well. Learn more at realrawmilkfacts.com. Avoid all pasteurized or homogenized dairy products because those enzymes were destroyed during the heating process making them too difficult to digest, and pasteurized milk will therefore result in giving you an acid stomach. Without raw milk this entire diet to eradicate-acid-reflux-without-using-proton-pump-inhibitors would probably not be successful and you might die from esophagal cancer. Second, eat many RAW FRUITS, RAW NUTS and RAW VEGETABLES because they are full of enzymes that aid digestion and cause the stomach to have an alkaline PH. Do not waste your money on ineffective “digestive enzyme capsules or pills or herbs”. Third, you must STOP EATING MEAT … with this one EXCEPTION: before eating meat (step #1) take a proton pump inhibitor on an empty stomach 1 1/2 hours before eating the meat, then (step #2) eat your small portion of a meat-meal, then (#3) fill your stomach with fresh squeezed fruit juice or grapes, apples (or, better yet, watermelon) approximately one hour after eating the meat because the enzymes contained in the fruit will aid the digesting of the meat. I eat meat on about 80 evenly spaced-out days of the year which therefore means that I take Omeprazole about those same 80 times per year, which I believe to be a moderate amount. Daily use of a proton pump inhibitor after 14 continuous days is bad for our liver, kidneys and bones, etc. Generally, THE MORE MEAT YOU EAT THE MORE ACID STOMACH YOU WILL HAVE TO BATTLE unless you follow the 3 step guideline that is described above. Learn to substitute meat with (1) raw fruit, (2) raw vegetables, (3) raw nuts, (4) raw milk, (5) raw cheese, (6) cooked beans, etc. Eat beans or quinoa for supper on those nights when you don’t eat meat. The (mostly raw and 95% vegetarian) diet that is described here is mandatory if you are going to control that nasty acid stomach condition. Acid stomach is serious because acid reflux is the precurser for Barrett’s Esophagus which is the precursor to Esophagal Cancer. The raw diet that is described in this video has worked to reduce 99% of my acid stomach problem… try it. I rarely use Sodium Bicarbonate Antacid pills. The medical profession can only help you to: (1) have surgery or (2) obtain proton pump inhibitors. I have received mostly worthless information from medical professionals on the diet subject of “what to eat in order to cope with acid reflux”. I have had to discover THESE mega-enzyme and mostly vegetarian eating habits on my own, with a little help from my bare ass hippie wife who is a nutrition freak – and I am her devoted little guinea pig. This diet is not easy to do but it really works for me. I am sometimes hungry throughout the day but I’d rather be hungry than to have a constant acid stomach. You must break those unhealthy life long eating habits of “eating whatever you want whenever you want it” or else you will continue to suffer from acid. Nobody said this is going to be easy. Please “like” and subscribe. I welcome your comments. Good luck and EAT RAW OR DIE.