4 Healthy Weight Loss Tips to MOTIVATE You | Losing Karen



I know what it’s like to feel stagnant and stuck while trying to lose weight and nothing seems to be working. Sometimes we just need to think outside the box and remember that we are on a long journey, so we should make it a healthy one. Here are 4 healthy weight loss tips that really helped me out last year and hopefully they will help you, too! Shout-out to Eddie!

*I have this terrible fear that I never get my thoughts across clearly, so if you’re confused by anything feel free to ask!

My name is Karen and I’ve been showing my weight loss journey on youtube for over two years now. Despite many struggles, I still keep going and I want to inspire others and show that it’s okay to have off days: just don’t give up.

Thank you for watching and I hope that you will follow my journey. New videos out on Fridays!

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