Angioedema and Hives Treatment using natural home remedies and healthy diet



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If you are looking for Angioedema and Hives Treatment, please watch this video and visit my website. It has references to Angioedema and Urticaria Symptoms and a natural treatment for hives and Angioedema.

In this video you can see my angioedema pictures I took a few years ago for my doctor. I was diagnosed with angioedema over ten years ago.

I began to have symptoms right after I had my beautiful baby girl.
And it was not until after struggling with angioedema outbreaks for a year that I finally decided to see a doctor. And then another doctor and another… From one allergist to another, with a lot of blood tests and all kinds of other allergy tests done over and over. But none of them could tell me exactly what I was allergic to.

It was devastating to have my lips enlarged twice or even three times their normal size, or have my eyes puffed up to the point I could barely see anything.

My allergist put me on two extra strength pills of antihistamines to take before bedtime, and one extra strength pill of another antihistamine brand to take every morning. It did work; it stopped attacks from coming back. But it made me feel drowsy and always tired during the day, and my mind never seemed to have clarity. Of course, it also bothered me I had to take such a huge dose of antihistamines every day with no breaks. I was happy it was working, but I started getting concerned about negative effect it had on my health.

One day I came across this article written by a chemist who I trust so deeply. The article was about how damaging pain medications are and what irreversible effect that they have on our bodies. Of course, having angioedema being my main focus, I decided to ask his opinion about taking antihistamines. And this it what he wrote in his email to me:

“you MUST stop taking antihistamines!!!!! you are killing yourself, get off the drugs now!!!!!”

With the word MUST all in upper case and five exclamation points at the end of each sentence. That email was an eye opener for me. I was then determined to get off of taking antihistamines.

I tried to get off of antihistamines multiple times. And I would end up looking like what you see in my angioedema pictures.

Of course, I was not going to give up because I did not want antihistamines to ruin my heart and kill me. I then remembered my friend, who is into holistic health, once suggested I take a more natural approach to solving my problem and whose advice I did not take seriously before. But the fact that I would always get angioedema attacks at the times when my immune system was weak made me think that my friend was onto something. At that point, I was ready to listen to her advice. And that is how I started… with, if you want to call it, a holistic approach.

I discovered an angioedema and hives treatment that I embraced with an open mind and followed it to a point. I have been able to reduce antihistamines use to only one pill a day. And then finally I was ready to make a decision to stop taking antihistamines completely. And I did it! But that time, I did not have an angioedema outbreak, and I have not had it since.

I do not feel drowsy anymore, and my mind is clear! This change motivates me to go even further. I exercise; I have a healthier diet. It is a significant transformation!

I have realized that, in addition to telling everyone about my story and the natural angioedema treatment that worked for me, I also want to create a safe place for people to find some relief. The result is a YouTube channel for people with Urticaria, hives or Angioedema to find the life-changing answers that they need.

To learn more about the angioedema and hives treatment that worked for me, I strongly encourage you to click on the link below. Learn how to become free of Angioedema or Urticaria, and the bad health habits that cause the outbreaks. Hopefully, I will see you visiting this channel or my website at