Ayurvedic Solution for Weight Loss



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Ayurveda is one of worlds oldest healing system, which is based on mind, body and spirit balance. Ayurveda means “Science of life”. It is the system of medicine to enhance lifestyle.

Solution for Leg fracture, Hip pain, Weight Loss, Periods Problems?

Ayush Arogya is an interactive program to consult a doctor or specialist in the show and ask questions related to your health issues. Doctor gives most effective Ayurvedic solution such as preventive measures, medicines, diet and lifestyle plans for your various ailments. Doctors give natural remedies for patients suffering from diabetes, thyroid, heart disease, kidney problems, knee pain, back pain, obesity, depression, constipation, varicose veins and many more.

Ayush Arogya program will be telecasted in all days of the week at 11am to 12pm and re-telecasted at 9:30pm to 10:30pm.