describing a Healthy diet(English speaking)



F:Bob , look at this sentence. ” Healthy eating is not about strict nutrition philosophies, staying unrealistically thin,or depriving yourself of foods you love.”It’s interesting, isn’t it?
M:I’d rather say it’s confusing. what are those“strict nutrition philosophies”about?
F:I believe they are careful calculations on proteins,vitamins and alories.
M:Probably,Rose. That must be the job of nutritionists.
F:Healthy eating is not about depriving oneself of the foods one loves. So we are free to have whatever foods we love. It is unbelievable.
M:Oh, believe it or not,I came across an article the other day,saying that pizza is a healthy food.
M:Yes,I felt exactly the same way as you did just now. Scientists must be crazy m saying so.
F:Maybe nowadays people hold different opinions on healthy diet.
M:Absolutely right. I myself sometimes believe that healthy eating is just about feeling great. As long as I have enough energy,it’s fine.
F:But one must have some basic ideas about nutrition and find the best way for the nutrients to work out for the body.