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A recently completed study concludes those who strictly follow a Mediterranean diet plan have a 30% lower risk of having a stroke. Considering that Statin drugs only reduce the risk by 25% and are often accompanied by side effects it clearly makes sense to choose healthy Mediterranean recipes as opposed to taking prescription drugs.

While the study talked about in this video was only related to the risk of stroke, other studies have shown up to a 30% reduction in the risk of heart attacks and reductions in the risk of Diabetes and other ailments common with the typical high red meat intake western diets.

An important ingredient in the typical Mediterranean diet is nuts, especially Walnuts. Of course this only pertains to unsalted nuts. Nuts when eaten as a between meal snack are healthy alternatives to chips, crackers and other snacks typically consumed in westernized countries. Chopped walnuts in a fresh Mediterranean salad makes for one of my favorite healthy meals.

In the Spanish study 50% of the nuts consumed were California Walnuts aka English Walnuts and Persian Walnuts. Walnuts are the only tree nut that contain alpha-linolenic acid an Omega 3 fatty acid which is extremely important in a healthy diet. The inclusion of about 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil daily also contributes greatly to the healthful properties of Mediterranean diets. Just remember when cooking with olive oil to use a low temperature.

Mediterranean recipes favor fish, like Salmon, chicken or turkey as the predominant meats with red meat typically being included very sparingly. One glass of red wine per day is encouraged for its known heart health benefits.

There is clearly a renewed interest in Mediterranean diets with several recent studies showing near miraculous health benefits for those people who gave up their normal processed food meals for the fresher and, obviously, healthier alternative of fresh vegetables, nuts, fish, chicken, turkey etc.

Wondering wear to look for Mediterranean recipes? Click here… for Mediterranean Diet information from an American Diabetes Association Registered Dietitian

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