Healthy Diet | Hypothyroid | Weight Reduction | Height Gain



Neck pain can be cured by consuming desi ghee in cow’s milk, boiled water of coriander seeds (in hypothyroid); by warming neck with towel soaked in salt and alum mixed hot water; stretch neck in all directions till 5 to 10 minutes; have salaaki juice and turmeric milk at night. Weight would get reduced by drinking hot cup of water after every meal, lemon juice with honey in hot warm water 5 days a week till 3 weeks and white pumpkin’s juice; by covering your tummy with damp cotton cloth and woolen cloth around abdomen. Switch to ‘vedic-amrit’ for conceiving energy in the body and make it immune to various diseases; practice ‘suryanamaskaar’ everyday; take green vegetables in meal and buttermilk with cumin seeds and asafetida in lunch. Gargle with warm salty water along with alum twice or thrice a day, introduce mixed and roasted flour of gram,wheat and barley; drink ‘ashwagandhaa powder’ stirred in hot milk to cure neck pain and swelling. For gaining height, have mixed juice of tomato,beetroot and carrot or order height gain ayurvedic kit from institution.