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Healthy Diet is the goal! That’s why we have soon to be Registered Dietitian, Lauren Smith, on episode 031 of the Everyday Hero show.
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On this episode of the everyday hero show I talk to Lauren Smith a soon-to-be Registered Dietitian! She explains the importance of communicating with your dietitian in all aspects of nutrition. We talk about counting calories, when to eat while working out, and best practices for a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.

She also helps me navigate through the very intense and sometimes scary vegan lifestyle. Explaining the pros and the cons of veganism and vegetarianism. We also touch a bit on the Paleo diet, the Atkins diet, and juice cleanses!

Are any of these worth your time? have you been thinking about going on a cleanse? Are you currently living a Paleo or Atkins lifestyle? if so you might enjoy this episode.

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