Here Are Some Easy Ideas on Eating Healthy For Weight Loss



Here Are Some Ideas on Eating Healthy For Weight Loss  

1) Breakfast ideas (7 am to 8 am) –  Make your breakfast multigrain and protein rich.  Traditional, local breakfast is always better than eating boxed or packaged instant cereals that are loaded with chemicals, sugar and harmful flavoring agents. Make your own multigrain mix by milling together any of the millets like bajra, ragi, jowar, foxtail, pulses like green gram or chana, wheat germ or bran into a flour. You could add this to any dish like idli or dosa, upma or parantha to enrich it with fibre and nutrients. Combine this with a bowl of low-fat curd or boiled egg white for a balanced breakfast.

2) Mid-morning snack ideas (10.30am to 11.30am) – Any locally grown, fresh fruit is a great mid-morning snack option.  Try and eat a different fruit every day to get the best out of all the different fruits.  A handful of walnuts and almonds are also good options.

3) Lunch ideas (1.30pm to 2.30pm) – One dish meals are easy to prepare, and contain most of the required food groups (vegetables, cereals, pulses ) in them. Examples are the south Indian bisibelebath which could be made healthier by using brown rice instead of polished white rice. This dish also contains dal and plenty of vegetables. Adding a bowl of low-fat curd or raita makes this a complete dish. Similarly, parantha made from multigrain flour and stuffed with greens is another one dish meal.

4) Evening snack ideas (4.30pm to 5 pm) – Microwave dried corn without using oil for a healthy evening snack. Other options include roasted chana or sprout chaat,  seasoned puffed rice or poha.

5) Dinner ideas (7 pm to 8 pm) – Start your dinner with a bowl of vegetable soup. Multigrain phulkas with a cup each of mixed vegetable sabzi or curry and dal or whole pulse, along with a cup of low-fat curd makes for a balanced dinner. Non-vegetarians could replace the dal with grilled or steamed sea fish twice a week.

If hungry at bedtime, try a glass of skimmed milk with cinnamon instead of sugar or you could also go in for a low-fat buttermilk and a fruit.

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