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A LOT of you have asked me HOW I offer food to Aryaveer ( 16 months old) , well I show you how I offer Breakfast and Lunch in this video , dinner is offered similarly as either breakfast or dinner depending on what is cooked. A lot of times Aryaveer just has a heavy snack in the evening and almost nothing as dinner or a parata for dinner .

As for snacks , I usually sit at one place and work while Aryaveer has a bit of ‘me’ time and plays on his own, he keeps playing and comes to me for bites or if I am in a hurry I do end up feeding him traditionally but when we started off, till Aryaveer was 14months old I stuck strictly to BLW . Now since I know Aryaveer enjoys eating on his own I at times end up spoon feeding him (very rarely) but I know for a fact it won’t effect his eating habits because he loves to eat on his own 🙂

We are still mastering utensils , we have just started with utensils when Aryaveer was 14/15 months old.

In this video, Me and Hubby also listen to old English songs like One love, Backstreet Boys and I am a Barbie Girl by Venga Boys . I used to love them a lot!

Psst….I also added a small clip of me speed cleaning 🙂 I understand that watching other people speed clean there house is a ‘thing’ now , would you guys be interested in content like this?

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