how to get the good body shape female fitness model diet plan



how to get the good body shape – female fitness model diet plan
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What is venus factor:
This is a weight loss program specially designed for women based on scientific researches and resports that have proved women can achieve their desirable goals of getting sex and skinny body in their ways.
Every woman’s good body shape (ideal waist to shoulder ratio, waist to hip ratio, healthy height to weight ratio) differs with individual height,this system gives the specific scientific calculation report for every users as regard to these issues, and it is a great guidebook of fat burning nutrition tips for choosing food you should eat or avoid. According to their own weight reduction formula,it clearly judges wether you should go on losing weight or gaining weight by showing users the venus index ration properly.
You will experience an obvious change in your lifestyle and diet after completely accept this program’s concepts,if you are a woman who want to shed tens of pounds through a reliable weight loss system,”venus factor” should fit you.

Features of this program:
life changing lifestyle
You will discover one developed diet and workout plans that is dedicated to women and remove a lot of misunderstandings that have ever been trusted
period lasting 12 weeks
You just need to persist in following this program for about 12 weeks before you see the best result.
Improvement in the overall figure
Besides losing fat fast, your body will become stronger and more toned.
Approach specially designed for women
The author is aware women’s metabolic is not same as men and researched the women’s metabolism for several years ,so this program is created from the perspective of women from start to end
Targeted body zone shaping
You will learn how to shed unwanted fat in your targeted body zone (.eg belly,waist,hips,thighs),not all the weight loss can promise you to reshape your body during their training period.

No weight rebound effect
Unlike those rapid weight loss programs never manages your weight loss from a long term perspective, you will keep your body shape and figure for a long time without rebound.
No extreme sweating exercises
And all their workout plans never ask you to wastes hours on extra sweat exercises such as treadmill training in the gym.
No restricted diet requirement
This fitness program do not set restrictive rules for prepackaged foods and restricted diet, of course you also do not need to take any pill to support this program.

How does venus factor help women burn fat?
The venus factor author says the biggest problem of women’s fat loss lies in the leptin level control,and explains why females need a special approach of losing pounds.
Leptin is one crucial factor in metabolism, weight loss and appetite control as human body’s weight control mechanism. This type of hormone exists in men and women’s body . And scientific researches have showed females have Leptin levels twice as high as males .So,women naturally have a more powerful leptin resistence,and that is the reason why the same weight loss system works less efficiently on women than men. Although women stores naturally many more leptin levels than men,but are three times less responsive that in males’ organisms.Once women stopped fasting,leptin levels also start decreasing twice as quick as men.