How to Stick to a Healthy Diet! 4 Simple Tips – My First Video! 🙂



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In this video I share 4 simple things you need if you want to be able to finally stick to any diet.
New Year’s resolutions are great! But how often do we actually stick to our resolutions and the changes we decide to make?
Not very often right?
So here are 4 tips that will help you succeed with a new diet:
1) Have a big dream
The phrase “If you have a big enough dream you don’t need a crisis” is definitely true. We tend to wait for bad news before we decide to make healthy changes in our diet. But if you have a big dream it will keep you motivated even during the toughest times. Write your dream on an index card and read it every single day at least 5 times. Very powerful technique that will help you stick to any diet.
2) Start small
We all make this mistake. We either go all in, 150%, or we don’t do it. If you start small it won’t be as overwhelming and you will actually have a chance of finally sticking to a new diet. Start smaller than you think. Drink enough water first. Once you’re drinking enough water, then decide on your next goal. One little step at a time.
3) Balance
There has to be a balance. 80/20 rule. Take really good care 80% of the time (on all aspects – nutrition, hydration, sleep, stress, etc.) and your body will be able to handle 20% of being a little less careful.
When people switch from a diet full of processed foods to a Paleo diet in 1 day, many do succeed, but many can’t handle all the changes. If you start small and you aim to have balance, your chances of succeeding are much higher.
If you go ON a diet, you’ll come OFF that diet eventually.
4) Plan ahead
We can’t expect to simply wing it and be able to lead a healthy lifestyle if we’re not used to it.
Cook ahead. Plan your meals. Take food to work. Have an idea of what you will eat.
Just have a simple idea of what your day will look like, what your meals will be like. We need a little bit of planning.
These 4 tips will help you to succeed with diet changes when trying to get healthier. They seem simple but remember that the more we try to complicate it the less chances of succeeding.

Gonzalo is a Registered Dietitian, Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer who has taken many courses to improve his results with clients.
A lot of what he teaches comes from books he reads, research, mentors, and courses he has taken.
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