M Cycle Diet for women – hormones and weight loss



For women who want to learn healthy weight loss — this is a diet hack I follow to make weight loss SO much easier! For women, dieting can be REALLY hard when hormonal hunger strikes right before or during your period. In this video, I’ll talk about how women can use their menstrual cycle to determine when and how to diet effectively. This is somewhat like intermittent fasting in that you are alternating periods of under-eating with periods of eating. It’s a weight loss hack that takes advantage of when a woman’s appetite is the lowest (usually right after her period)– that is the time to really go low calorie (count calories!) and focus on diet weight loss. Then other times, still count calories, but just stay somewhere around maintenance and don’t worry about trying to cut your calories too severely. Beyond that, eating healthy foods is the best diet for weight loss. Check out my other video for low calories, healthy weight loss foods:

Eat Healthy Lose Weight

Article in Prevention magazine that featured a study on women dieting during different phases of their cycle:

They also mentioned increasing protein to curb hunger so you might play with eating more protein during before or during your period to help with cravings.

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