Nutritious Foods Instead of a Fad Diet Part 4



Healthy Foods When Eating Out

It can be difficult to maintain your health if you dine in restaurants frequently, especially fast food restaurant that serve huge greasy burgers and gobs of French fries. If you can’t hold your resolve to order just a salad, then compromise.

Pick out an appetizer that you love, combine it with a salad or a cup of soup, and skip the larger entrees. You can also share a meal or take half of it home. You could die for dessert? Order as small a size as possible, or maybe just one scoop of ice cream, rather than a larger, heavier dessert. Try a dish of mixed berries topped with nuts and a small bit of whipped cream. Be careful with the after-dinner drinks as well. Maybe just have one glass of wine with your meal instead.

If you eat a lot of fast food, you have found out how difficult it is to feel good and stay healthy. Some places have added salads and some better choices, but it really isn’t a good way to eat. Keep fast food dining to a minimum, don’t go with the super sizes and choose places that offer more fresh ingredients.