Q/A: How Do You Create A Healthy Diet Plan?



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In general, I find the best way to stay on track with any sort of dietary protocol is to track it. In the past when I needed to lose weight, I found it the best way to keep me accountable for what I ate. In the times where I needed to gain weight, it helped me see how little I ate despite thinking I ate a lot in a day. As of right now though, I don’t necessarily track exactly what I eat in a day nor do I follow a style of eating where I need to hit a specific macronutrient need.

What I find what works best for myself is creating a baseline diet of what I believe would be the most optimal day with respect towards eating. This would mean hitting whatever specific macronutrients are required for whatever workout plan I’m doing. I then use this plan as a template and swap out alternatives options that could be used to replace certain foods in different meals.

For example: My current goal is too just put on weight and build muscle so I have a special emphasis two parameters. The first is weight and the second is protein. Typically I find with the food choices I make, as long as I reach my target caloric goal….I also reach my target protein goal. In addition to this, I am not so specific in what I eat expect making sure that it’s mostly whole foods and plant based.