The Basics of Dukan Diet: Dukan Diet Recipes for Weight Loss (Dukan Diet Made Easy)



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The Basics of Dukan Diet: Dukan Diet Recipes for Weight Loss (Dukan Diet Made Easy)

Have you struggled to lose weight all your life? There’s a reason why the pounds keep coming back even if you reduce the amount of food you consume: you are eating all the wrong food
The Dukan Diet is a scientifically-proven effective weight loss plan that will help you achieve the weight you want all throughout its phases and keep the extra at bay for life
The Dukan Diet originated in France and is now a popular weight loss program in the United States and Europe
With the Dukan diet, you will: Be guided to eat all the right foods in its four phases.Develop self-restraint and discipline other diets won’t teach you.Enjoy rightful cheat days without you sliding back to your old ways.Adapt a healthy eating lifestyle that you can follow for life
The Dukan Diet is also applicable to all sorts of eating scenarios: whether eating at home, fine-dining in a restaurant or enjoying a buffet
The Basics of Dukan Diet: Dukan Diet Recipes for Weight Loss will equip you to be mindful of the food you eat rather than the calories
If you opt to prepare meals at home, we have a wide array of Dukan recipes in corresponding phases that will take out the guesswork from your meals
But this is more than just a Dukan recipe book
While the recipes are essential and integral part of your weight loss journey with Dukan diet, the overall package that this book contains – from the pertinent information about its phases, the tricks and tips during cheat days, as well as the water and exercise guidelines make this book a comprehensive guide for a successful weight loss
It’s time to see and experience a better and healthier version of you with this revolutionary and effective weight loss program
Jumpstart your journey now and prepare to b amazed with the results.

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