Weight loss Strawberry Banana Smoothie with Chia Seeds




1 cup frozen strawberries,
1 banana,
1 cup almond milk,
1 table spoon chia seeds,
1 table spoon flex seeds,
1 table spoon agave nectar.


Strawberries boost immunity, promote eye health, help fight cancer, keep wrinkles at bay, fight bad cholesterol, reduce inflammation, regulate blood pressure, boost fibre, aid in weight management, promote pre-natal health.

Banana gives you energy and boost your mode, Improve Digestive Health, Help With Weight Loss, Contain Powerful Antioxidants, Help You Feel More Full, Improve Insulin Sensitivity, Improve Kidney Health.

Flex seeds are high in iron and zinc, rich source of fibre and natural source of omega 3.

Chia seeds contain protein also high in fibre and omega 3.