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Weight loss tips for teens is not to promote needed weight loss in young girls. Like I mention in this video I would rather give useful advice vs watch young people follow the next super model trend. As we get older it does get harder to lose weight and different actions need to be taken and we have access to more resources as adults. These tips are for teens to utilize whats around them, to fuel their bodies instead of deprive them, to also take advantage of what is around them. Hope this is helpful. Please follow me on instagram and snap chat and I will follow you back if you let me know you follow my channel. IG: Vanessas__World Snapchat: Vanessasworld. #slimdownseries in any post you may have of meals, progress or anything you would like to share.

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Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. I am also not a professional. I share things that have helped me in the past and like to give other people ideas. Please consult your doctor before following any new diet.

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