Weight Loss Tips & Structures for Success – Holiday / Party Eating



Welcome to Your Perfect Weight Made Easy! I am Pam and I am delighted to have you join in our journey to health, vitality and perfect weight. This blog is where we share weight loss tips and the tools and structures that contribute to health and ideal weight and the successes and bumps on the road along the way.

Today’s topic and weight loss tip is on how to enjoy a party, holiday celebration or vacation and still enjoy the success of following a healthy food plan and continuing your weight loss. Our “Your Perfect Weight Made Easy” class got together for a reunion and I asked what they would like to eat. Everyone agreed that fresh fruit, vegetables, lo cal dip and a variety of sparkling waters were the perfect mix of refreshments. So that’s what we did!

We had a wonderful time together! Our focus was on friendship, and our dreams and goals. The fun of seeing friends was actually enhanced by sticking to our healthy eating program because we were alert, energetic and our self esteem and confidence were sky high. Have you ever noticed how much better you feel about yourself when you are treating yourself in a respectful and healthy way and being true to your goals?

Eating well at this party was easy because we planned it that way. There were only healthy foods to choose from. When you host a party you can set it up that way, you have control over what’s served. Almost everyone wants to be healthy and trim. So why not be the first person in your social circle to have a party that supports that!

When you go to a party or gathering where temptation will be served make sure you plan a strategy to strengthen your resolve. Have a healthy snack before you go, drink plenty of water and most importantly keep your end goal of health and slimness in mind.

Before you go to the event visualize yourself at the party eating light and enjoying yourself. See yourself mingling with ease, confident and happy. Keep a picture of yourself at your ideal weight or a treasure map/collage of active healthy people that helps you see yourself that way too! Keep the end vision/goal of you at your perfect weight in your minds eye. It will help you make better conscious choices. I have an example of my treasure map here for you to see. I keep mine in my appointment book so I can review it often. That is definitely one of my top weight loss tips!

Party on! Keep your focus on your desired outcome and enjoy yourself.

I will be back again soon with more weight loss tips. Please let us know what’s working for you and be sure to share this blog with a buddy. It is always easier to lose weight with the support of a friend.