AcroYoga and Therapeutics at Inlet Yoga with Cassandra Hall



While there are a few angles of the practice of acroyoga, in this workshop we will explore the healing side. “L basing” is done by the base lying on the floor with the legs straight up. The flyer then drapes their body on the bases feet. “Therapeutic Flying” involves the flyer receiving passive assisted stretching while inverting the upper body from the hips to the top of the head. The spine decompresses and lengthens with gravity on its side. The flyer receives an amazing release of stress and tension built up in the entire back, shoulders, and neck. Anyone with SI joint pain, neck and back pain, and other common discomforts, will walk away feeling incredibly restored and relaxed. The base works the core and the legs while stabilizing the flyer, and at the same time opening up the hamstrings.
Thai yoga massage is also incorporated into this healing side of Acroyoga. We will take turns giving and receiving passive assisted stretching while supported by the floor. This takes gravity out of the picture and is a great follow up to a therapeutic flying session, providing the base with some “leg love.”
In Acroyoga there is a constant exchange of giving and receiving which is then translated into our daily lives, reminding us to be kind, loving and thoughtful to our family, friends, and strangers.
What are some other benefits and intentions of Acroyoga?

Communication Skills are strengthened, improving relationships, by learning to be clearer with verbal and non communication. It helps us learn to be more sensitive and intuitive to others. By physically working together we also learn to make more fluid movements with intention

Therapeutic human touch is beneficial and has been proven by scientific research. Studies show that human touch correlates with decreased violence, trust, stronger immune systems, and strengthened team dynamics.

Acroyoga opens you up for growth as you learn to trust not only yourself, but others. When poses are understood and performed the right way with patience and breath, you will find yourself letting go of fears safely with the support of others.

Community is built when trust is gained, interaction happens, and we step out of our personal asana practice. In the hopes to create the loving and supporting communities in cities around the world, I hold these workshops. We must connect, interact, and support each other to really build a real community, and then we can wholeheartedly and honestly say that we take our practice off of our own mat practicing compassion, non-judgement, and love.

Come with or without a partner, but bring your open mind. We will be switching up partners and working with people the same height when necessary. No experience necessary.

About Cassandra:
Sandy has been practicing yoga for about 10 years, and has traveled all over the world continuing her yoga and acroyoga education.

From Costa Rica, Houston TX, Austin TX, San Diego CA, Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, NYC, Philadelphia PA, all the way back to the Jersey Shore, she brings alot of experience that she is eager to share.

She studied with many world renown teachers along the way such as Daniel Scott, founder of the “Yoga of Trust.” She is on the Wanderlust Tremblant Acroyoga teaching team for the second year in a row, and holds over 120 hours of training in Acroyoga immersions, partner acrobatics, therapeutic flying, Thai Massage

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