Aerobic Exercise 有氧健身操 Part1





【Aerobic Exercise有氧健身操】

Aerobic exercise (also known as cardio) is physical exercise of relatively low intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy-generating process. It can strengthen muscles, improve circulation efficiency and reduce blood pressure as well as the risk for diabetes. It is considered to be “the perfect exercise” for white collar female for its good fat-burning and body-shaping effect in a short time without much limit to exercise time or places. Our Aerobic Exercise Course is easy to learn with simple, yet effective workouts. Hope it could reduce your pressure and give you a healthy body at the same time!

The workout(50min):


2.Movement Combinations: learn 4 combinations step by step

3.Partial Muscle Training


1.Two or three times a week for starters, and be more frequent according to your own condition; 2 months training for each course.

2. If you are in the period, don’t push yourself so hard and do as much as you can.

3. Change your sweaty cloth after the training in time; do some stretches before taking a shower if you do exercise in a house with air condition.


1.If you have cardiopulmonary disease,hemopathy or angiopathy, please do not take the courses.

2.If you just injured or recovered from some diseases, please inquiry your doctor before you take the courses.

3.If you are pregnant or giving birth to your baby within one year, please choose our professional postpartum courses instead.

4.At the beginning of the training, you may suffer muscle soreness, especially to those who seldom do exercises, but it is normal. Please do not stop training. You won’t suffer it if you do more.



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