Aerobic Soccer Training – Quick Glimpse of Two Moves



Double your Soccer Skill and Confidence in 30 Days!
Maintain a consistent soccer playing rhythm for 10 Minutes a day for 5 days a week.

– You will realize incredible results in less then 30 days.
– Fun for Teams or Individuals.
– Keeps players discovering new and innovative moves

As the rush of Aerobic Soccer Training kicks in, it becomes clear that all preconceived notions of ball control are obsolete with our video & DVD soccer training tips and training aids. A mind-blowing explosion of movement and sound lie in wait at every touch and turn, fine tuning your senses. Yet, regardless what obstacle crosses your path or how formidable the opponent, you feel in control. Once you’ve mastered Aerobic Soccer Training, nothing stands in the way of your being fully comfortable with the ball.

Age: Developed for soccer participants above the age of 8.

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