Country Heat – our newest cardio dance workout!



Country Heat is an easy-to follow, fun, country dance-inspired fitness program that melts away pounds while toning and tightening in just 30 days. Get ready to fire up your metabolism and burn calories while you have fun dancing to the hottest country music around. Each Country Heat workout is 30 minutes of exhilarating, low-impact movement to help you lose weight and reshape your body.

Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese makes it easy to start getting fit with simple moves that will have you right in step from day one. Plus, Country Heat comes with Autumn’s famous portion control containers and easy-to-follow nutrition plan to maximize your results. Turn it up to burn it off!

You can also check out to learn how to stream hundreds of Beachbody workouts with your 30-day free trial membership.

USA – Country Heat and Shakeology Challenge Pack:

CANADA – Country Heat and Shakeology Challenge Pack:

USA – Country Heat Kickstart Challenge Pack:

CANADA – Country Heat Kickstart Challenge Pack:

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