Hip Hop Hustle Workout Overview Going for Gold



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In this video, you’ll see some cool hip hop dance moves from the original creator of Hip Hop Hustle, Chalene Johnson. Chalene Johnson and her former company, Powder Blue Productions, created Hip Hop Hustle as an easy to learn dance routine that’s fun, simple to follow and gives you a great calorie burn. If you love to dance for fun or for fitness, this is an awesome workout. This workout burns a ton of calories, increases strength and is fun to do. Hip Hop Hustle used to be taught at gyms around the country, along with being an at home program. When Beachbody purchased Powder Blue Productions, it phased out Hip Hop Hustle; although many fitness instructors, including myself, still love the combination of dance moves along with fat-burning exercises. This style of dancing is made to be a HIIT workout, or interval training, so you can burn the highest amount of calories for fat loss.

Go to to receive complimentary tips on healthy living and goal setting. What is Turbo Kick? Turbo Kick is the gym (or LIVE) version of home workout programs you may know as Turbo Jam or Turbo Fire. Turbo Kick, originally launched by Powder Blue Productions, is a kickboxing aerobics class that’s taught to motivating music. It’s pre-choreographed so that instructors can focus on having fun as opposed to having to create choreography and come up with their own music. Average calorie burn in a Turbo Kick class is around 700-800 calories per hour. It’s fun fitness, so your workouts go by fast and you really feel like you’re at a party instead of sweating your guts out. The class goes by so quick because it’s so much fun. Most women enjoy Turbo Kick because it’s powerful, a little dance inspired and overall, it’s a great ab workout… without ever getting on the floor to do abs. I’ve been teaching Turbo Kick since 2002 and it is by far my most favorite class to teach at the gym. Also, a cast member of Turbo Jam and an assistant trainer in the test groups for Turbo Fire, I love that Turbo Kick has a home version option for people that can’t get to the gym. Turbo Jam is Beachbody’s more “basic” level of Turbo Kick. Any beginner can do a Turbo Jam workout with no experience required. Turbo Fire is an advanced exercise routine. Also a home workout, Turbo Fire has less choreography than Turbo Kick and is filled with HIIT training… A popular form of exercise. Overall, all three formats, created by Chalene Johnson, offer varies levels for starting a workout program and allow people to get into the best shape of their lives.