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is New York Best Kickboxing offering kickboxing classes in Midtown Manhattan. Get in shape with this powerful kickboxing workout. Strong and toned is the new skinny. Visit us at for class schedules, descriptions and our awesome web specials. Also make friends with us on Facebook at

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Promises don’t mean much these days, but I am a little bit “old school” so they still mean a lot to me. And when it comes to my school, New York San Da Kickboxing, I take things really personally. I’ve spent most of my life developing the program and getting every detail correct. I had a vision that everyone told me was crazy, in fact some still do, but if you’ve been in our school you will know that what I am about to say is 100% true. First, I promise you that we’ve worked for years to develop the best teaching program and collect the best available knowledge base there is, PERIOD. Come to class at least 2 days a week and we WILL teach you how to kick, punch, and knee correctly. We aren’t going to give you watered down mush and we certainly aren’t going to let you “fall through the cracks.” We’re going to correct your form, we’re going to explain to you the little details, we are going to make sure you are technically correct so that even if you are 90 lbs you are going to learn punch and kick the HECK out of those heavybags and those kick pads! Second, no matter what your goals are, we are going to help you achieve them. I’ve certainly had a bunch of successful fighters over the years but I’ve also had THOUSANDS of people who just wanted to lose a few pounds, look a little better and most importantly, FEEL A LITTLE BETTER. Our victories have been both inside and outside the ring! Finally, we always offer you a friendly, relaxed and SAFE place to practice. While we ARE a martial arts school, we have trained extensively on how to teach you so that we minimize injuries and even the general wear on your body that some martial arts can take. We also understand the mental and emotional strain that a beginner in the martial arts often faces. If you’ve been in my classes, you have never heard me tell someone they have to kick higher or go faster. If you did 3 push ups today, do 4 tomorrow! My promise to you is that NY San Da is not only the martial arts school you want, it’s the one you need. And it may become another of your great friends in life. OSU!