NYC Fitness Kickboxing get in shape now



Fitness Kickboxing Experience the most fun, fat-melting New York City Fitness Kickboxing Classes around. We’re thrilled to add the fitness kickboxing program to our NYC martial arts school. Burn fat, make friends, and have a TON of fun as you kick and punch the fat right off of your arms, stomach, butt, hips, thighs and everywhere else! Our New York kickboxing instructors are passionate, fun, and enthusiastic. They care about you and helping you get great results, and will give you all of the support and motivation you need to get there!

Our NYC martial arts school is located right in the heart of Manhattan. Just a few blocks from Time Square, and Grand Central Station, we’re convenient whether you’re coming by train or by car. There are lots of healthy eating options around too, so if you want to grab a quick bite before or after class (martial arts can work up quite an appetite!) – our location has you covered. We’re also just a few blocks from other convenient New York locations like Penn Station, Chelsea Park, and Bryant Park. This makes our facility great too if you have friends or family in town. Catch a martial arts class, then meet them at Times Square to show them around New York City. And since parking can be such a mess depending on what time your classes are, you can conveniently come by bus or train.