NYC Fitness Kickboxing Manhattan 10001



This New York Kickboxing web special is available for a limited time only. It includes three kickboxing classes and FREE boxing gloves. Visit us at for more information. My promise to you is that we are not only the kickboxing school you want, we’re also the kickboxing school you need.

We are located in the heart of midtown Manhattan offering New York City residents kickboxing classes for more than 20 years. Kickboxing classes are a great way for both men and women to get into shape. And it may become another of your great friends in life. OSU!

Kickboxing classes 7 days a week, morning, daytime and night here at NY’s Best Kickboxing workout. Whether you want to lose weight, get in shape, have a fun workout, meet people or just have fun we have the program for you. Sign up for a web special today and find out why Muscle and Fitness ranks kickboxing as the #1 calorie burner.