Online Belly Dance Classes for Weight Loss and Fitness



Online Belly Dancing with is great for weight loss, fitness and staying in shape. Just look how much fun everyone’s having! See you in class!
All level Belly Dance Class- This class entails a plethora of excitement and educational aspects. Whether you are a beginner that just really wants to seek something out, or possibly perhaps a newbie that is advancing to more advanced, or an intermediate who is on her way to advancement and into dancing in an audience setting this class is for you. This belly dance fitness program has a lot to provide for any student. Even if there might be different levels of belly dancers in this course I are sure that each student is applied the right teaching structure for that individual student. I make it a point to provide each student individual attention so no student feels lost nor left out. , if I find that you are doing well at a particular move I will speed you up so get ready for a fun workout.

In this course we perform a multitude of combinations, repetitions, veil work, and specifics.

Choreography Class- This kind of class entails picking up some entertaining, challenging and elaborate choreography, moves set in a sequence and applying them to a piece of music. Choreography will consist of, but are not limited to, drum, veil, folkloric, and traditional. There is actually a plenty of consistency in this class to ensure you get the most benefit from the choreography that is presented.

The membership includes:
Online Belly dance classes
Belly dance videos
Belly dance costume tips
Belly dance fitness with NewVo
Belly dance exercises and tricks!
Learn belly dance with Sense-ual Woman