Online Dance Workout – Plyojam dance Fitness



We offer new online classes weekly. They can watch and workout to each video as many times as they’d like. The cardio dance routines are all set to the hottest playlist, hip hop and top 40. Modifications are shown so that all levels of fitness and dance abilities can catch on and keep up. We are also gong to be adding a 15 minute stretch video and a 30 minute sculpt video to mix it up a bit in January. All classes are led by PlyoJam creator Jason Layden, whose sunny personality lights up any living room. 🙂 Members can login from their smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, stream it to their TV. To give it a more personal touch than some of the big box brands like Beach Body or Daily Burn, we also have created a private Facebook group for members to join, where Jason will go online every couple of weeks and do live chats and Q&A with the members. 🙂 It’s an awesome little community that is really starting to grow!

Here are a couple of amazing testimonials we’ve received recently:

Game changer. I had taken plyojam classes but they were hard with my work full-time, single mom schedule. The class made me happy, energetic and was so fun. Best part was what my body looked like after just a few classes. When my schedule made it impossible, the results weren’t good. Flabby, depressed and never getting to check that box. I was beyond excited when I saw that there were online classes. Just as fun and intense. Even better, no one is dancing in front of me! Best online work out I’ve done (that includes you, Tracey Anderson). And anyone can afford it. You will love it and have the BEST time. Promise.

I absolutely love plyojam!! I have always been a fan of dance fitness classes, but often find that classes offered at gyms are a bit boring. Plyojam is definitely NOT boring. It is super challenging, but you can barely tell because Jason uses the best songs and super fun pop and hip hop moves. I always burn at least 800 calories with each class. Jason makes it feel effortless because he offers a variety of modifications. The time also flies because Jason is HILARIOUS! I feel like he’s right there in the same room with me. I can’t recommend these online classes enough!

I finished my first class today and loved it! I live in Sweden right now and due to the language barrier, where I live, and other logistics I just can’t attend the kind of group classes I used to attend back in my home city in Canada. I was working out at the gym but I needed something fun and challenging to mix it up. I can’t believe I found such an amazing workout that changes every week! And at a price per month that is cheaper than what one dance class here would cost. I was sweating, dancing, and laughing the whole time. It’s so grey and dark here in Sweden and it’s just such a great thing to be able to dance again. And then I found out during the class that there is a whole community of you people! Just… wow.