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You found the HOTTEST online fitness courses. Online fitness training is a great way to stay in shape, lose belly fat and build lean muscle.
Introducing NewVo, the dance workout program that is rooted in dance fusion from around the world. The founder of NewVo, world-known and professionally trained belly dancer Sohaila Handelsman, calls it, “A Multi-Cultural Inspired Online Fitness Studio.” However, it’s equally a pumped-up cardio workout that gets each and every body feeling super-fit and super-charged.
NewVo fuses classic dance steps from around the world with popular aerobic moves, mixing exercise and dance with a cultural flair. This beneficial muscle toning program brings together an eclectic and inspired collection of driving beats and hypnotic grooves and Sohaila’s unique dance moves to the music of the Middle East, Africa, Australia, Brazil, India, Hawaii, Spain, and MORE!
By mixing the innovative with the known, NewVo provides both novelty AND familiarity to students and is sure to keep them coming back for more. Instructor Certification classes are available for those who want to offer this innovative fitness program to their local communities.
NewVo is found both in Sohaila’s studio and online, with new classes being posted all the time. The online membership includes weekly NewVo fitness workouts online, online belly dance classes and more. Members can request personal training videos to learn more about each of the dances being taught. What is more, NewVo inspires and encourages self-expression and confidence so that participants not only get a great workout, but experience higher self-image as a result.
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