pole dancing / easy to ready A-Z of pole dancing moves master all levels of pole dancing



pole dancing :
If you are a pole lover, this complete ebook of easy to ready A-Z of pole dancing moves will help you master all levels of pole dancing.
*For Intermediate/Advanced pole dancers
*Fully illustrated, colour photos in step-by-step format
*Over 100 unique moves
*Over 200 pages

Available in instant download as an ebook. No waiting, no shipping costs!
Order your copy and get the Pole Positions A-Z guide of Pole Dancing Moves for all levels absolutely FREE.!
Perfect for: – Taking your pole dancing to the next level -Learning new moves -Trying new moves but no one is there to show you -A guide to use in the classroom
“I’ve been pole dancing for about 6 months and watching YouTube is a great help, but they don’t explain the moves. Your guide is very useful in class, because I don’t have to download and pause every time! Thank you for great pictures too” – R McIlwrath
pole dancing :

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