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Bicycle. In this video I continue with road bike basics. Working on cardio or aerobic exercise thru higher cadence is the goal. When starting out road biking you should ride for about an hour and practice keeping a cadence of 80+ rpm. This type of exercise is going to help you develop bringing in much needed oxygen into you system to help fuel your muscles and reduce the build up of lactate acid that is symptomatic of pain in your leg muscles. I talk about what I’m doing in this video to work on setting myself up to handle sprinting and hill climbs a bit easier as I build my FTP and be more able to do anaerobic type exercises.

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I’m an avid bike rider who got back into riding when I retired in my 60’s. Last year (2016) I rode some 5,000 miles on my entry level Vilano Shadow Road Bike. I used to ride many years ago and in 2015 I thought riding a bike would offer me some much needed exercise. Like so many others who have tried out cycling I quickly got hooked and it wasn’t long before I was taking even longer rides and learning new skills while discovering all about maintaining and updating my bike and kit.

I have always had a thing for photography and I soon began to take videos while out riding and before long I began to narrate the videos offering tips on road bike riding and maintenance. Anyway, while my story is nothing new it is my road biking story and the videos I make are a my way of telling it.

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