Wake up, Work Out | Intense Cardio Workout | South African Youtuber



Twitter: @selflovingwoman

Super exciting to share this with you guys. It’s been a highly requested video from a lot of people. So here it is, winter is here and summer bodies are made in winter! Also, this is a great way to keep healthy this exam season. I hope you enjoy 🙂

1. 5 minute jog
2. 30 second sprints (repeat 4 times)
3. 1 minute frog jumps (repeat 2 times)
4. 30 second mountain climbs (repeat 4 times)
5. Side to side squats, 30 seconds each side (repeat 2 times for each side)

This is a 15 minute intense cardio workout. It helps to have a variety with your gradient and speed. I enjoy doing my mountain climbs and frog jumps at a 15 degree gradient and a speed of 5-8 kms per hour.


1. 100 skips
2. Hamstring pulls (15)
3. Side to side ab work out (10 each side)
4. 90 degree crunches (10)
5. Side ball bounce (10 each side)
6. Dumb-bell squats (10)
7. Squat pulse (count to 10)
8. Jump split squats (10)
9. Jump squats (10)
10. Monkey Grip Weights (15)

Repeat circuit 3-4 times

NB!!! Make sure you always stretch at the end of a workout session. It’s important to prevent any tears and muscle strains 🙂

Twitter: @selflovingwoman