18min Battle Rope Workout Routine



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If you don’t have battle ropes then do this work out here:

Top 12 battle rope exercises:

Battle rope waves and battle rope hip toss are the only 2 battle rope variations done in this workout but you can see more battle rope exercises and workouts @

You can print out this workout @ but all you’re doing is…

• 20 seconds of battle rope waves
• Rest 10 seconds
• 20 seconds of battle rope hip toss
• Rest 10 seconds
• Repeat once
• Rest 60 seconds
• Repeat up to 3 more times

As this workout gets easier you can buy a longer and/or thicker battle rope if it’s in your budget. Battle ropes usually come in 30, 40 & 50 foot lengths. I got my battle ropes from amazon.

GOOD NEWS For People with lower body injuries: Just leave out the Jumping jacks and alternate between the battle rope waves & the battle rope hip toss. (You could also do this workout seated if injured)

Battle rope alternating waves and battle rope hip tosses are not the only 2 battle rope exercises you are limited to in this workout. If you want to you can sub in your own battle rope exercises like…

• Battle rope double waves (basically just like alternating waves but you don’t alternate)
• Battle rope slams (my favorite)
• Battle rope shuffle
• Battle rope jumping jacks (seems like it sounds as in you just do jumping jacks with the battle rope in your hands)
• Battle rope ski steps (again – seems like it sounds as in you just do ski steps with the battle rope in your hands)
• Battle rope side-to-side waves
• Battle rope Russian twist (basically these are just when you sit on the ground and perform battle rope hip tosses)
• And much more!

Battle rope workouts will not bulk you up or anything but men and women can reasonably expect to add some muscle tone to their upper body especially in the arm area doing this but ladies please do not freak OUT Because…

This is not going to give you huge gargantuan arms but it will make your arms more sleek and firm and slimmer definitely if you use a diet plan along with this to help you burn fat all over your body.

Do this battle rope workout 3-4 days per week for 20-to-40 minutes no more than 1-to-2 times per day to get the best fat burning results you can with battle ropes.

It makes no sense to do battle rope workouts without going on any type of diet. Battle rope exercises and other workouts are super intense and there is no need for you to sabotage a kick ass battle rope workout like this one by going on a piss poor diet that slows down your fat loss and/or muscle toning results.

You can still eat what you like pretty much as long as you do not eat way too much (see this here for more about how to diet @ while using battle ropes)

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