Barre Fitness | Pre & Postnatal Core Workout



Our Pre & Postnatal Core Workout routine is a safe and effective way to strengthen those tummy muscles before and after your big day. A strong core and back are important for mommies and improves balance, protects our spine and is the basis for holding proper posture. This gentle workout will leave you feeling connected to your breath and challenge your deepest layer of core muscles.

3 Amazing Abs Mat Core Workout Tips:

1. AMP IT UP! Combine this workout with our Prenatal Arm Workout Workout –

2. Remember to BREATHE! When the work gets hard many people tend to hold their breath. Instead, take deep controlled breathes to help fully engage your core muscles. This will keep you focused on your abs and will put less strain on your low back and hip flexors.

3. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY & BABY! If the work in the video is too difficult to begin with, feel free to repeat the movements that feel good for your body and work your way up.

* Remember to maintain your BARRE POSTURE throughout your workout – LEARN MORE HERE

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