Empowered Fitness Personal Training Bristol



Hi I’m Amy Oldfield and welcome to Empowered Fitness. We’re a personal training studio in south Bristol and we specialize in helping people to lose weight. We work with people just like you every day who struggle with a lack of body confidence and self-esteem, but you’ve tried all diets under the sun and don’t feel comfortable going to a regular gym. You want to feel fit and healthy but you need the extra support and motivation. Through our unique training programmes we offer all the exercise, nutrition and lifestyle support you need to start living the life you want to lead. And our studio has been designed with you in mind. We don’t have rows of boring treadmills and cross trainers, there’s no gym bunnies judging you or mirrors everywhere you turn. Here we’ll simply teach you how to exercise safely and effectively, in an environment which is fun, supportive and unintimidating. And most importantly we’ll know you’ll love it here and if you don’t get great results, we’ll give you your money back!