first cardio workout and crash, since serious accident and totaling s1000r



this my second dirt ride since i crashed and totaled my s1000r in april 2018, four months ago. it’s the first workout for my punctured and surgically repaired lung. i spent two weeks in the hospital. the damage:
– eight broken ribs
– fractured pelvis
– fractured hip -in at least a couple of places
– half dozen broken bones in spine and neck
– crushed artery in the neck
– punctured/collapsed lung
– fractured left hand
– bone deep flesh wound
– concussion
– bruised from neck to foot

according to doctors, my physical condition saved my life. my memory ends as i approach a seemingly uneventful sweeper and my memory resumes about 3 hours later when i awake in the emergency room in excruciating pain. i have no memory of crashing, my comrades comforting me or carrying me to ambulance and then the helicopter ride to the hospital.

as you can see, it’s all good, i’m alive and doing well and riding and crashing again. woohoo