Hamstring Hack Golf Fitness Exercise | Fitness By Andrew Scottsdale Personal Trainer



Golf Fitness “Hamstring Hack”: Hey Everyone! Today I’m going to share with you my “hamstring hack”. We’ve all had clients or athletes that cannot touch their toes and they can barely get their fingers past their knees. So after you assess try this, get a half foam roller and a full foam roller and place the full foam roller between the knees and the half foam roller underneath the toes have your client/athlete fold-over hinging forward using their “Abdominals” and really trying to reach for the floor, the roller, or their toes whatever they can get. Attempt 10 repetitions as best they can using abdominals to fold over and the glutes to extend up. Then have them move forward to where their heels are on top of the roller the same type of movement the same type of action. Abdominals trying to pull or crunch you forward towards the floor, and the glutes help you extend up, maintain constant pressure on the roller between the knees. I’ll be shocked if your client does not improve and it closes those toes. 💥