Hardcore Fitness Training (Auckland Personal Trainer)



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Auckland, New Zealand Personal Trainer

Hardcore Fitness Training

A highlights review of various fundamental gym movements I was experimenting with in one playlist stream (filmed all scenes April to July, 2013).

In the video I’m taking some of the exercises to the extreme – it is not what I am suggesting others do as it was simply for my max effort personal testing and demonstration purposes.

It took me 8 years to achieve this level (including boxing) so I don’t put these kinds of expectations on clients. But, if I was capable of multiple pull-ups with 40kg, deadlift over 200kg, one arm push-ups etc. etc. then normal push-ups and pull-ups from the average Joe doesn’t sound so far-fetched after all.

– 5 x 1 hour workouts per week for 8 years emphasizing technique and consistency;
– No supplements / ‘Health’ products (large majority is a scam).

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