Health & Fitness Celebrity WORKOUT | 90 MIN Fat Torching Routine



The global Health & Fitness community is a GIANT group of amazing and motivated people… So when we heard a ton of up and coming fitness and health entrepreneurs from all over the globe (and some in our own back yard here in Florida) were in Tampa for Vince DelMonte’s weekend event, we had to take advantage of that and give them a seriously amazing workout!

All 22 people who attended would agree….this was one BADASS, butt-kicking workout! In fact at the end you get REACTIONS from those willing to push themselves through this Fat Torching Total Body Routine.

For 90-Minutes, the CriticalBench Compound was rocking as all 22 participants partnered up and moved through 10 total body exercise stations performing 3 sets of each exercise.

And if that wasn’t enough, we had a FINISHER for everyone just to blow the doors off completely! What a great opportunity to meet each other and share in some pain and misery together 🙂 All in attendance are listed below but FIRST, here is the workout in no particular order:

Warm Up consisted of Jumping Jacks, Inch Worms and World’s Greatest Stretch for a few rounds…to get the blood PUMPING!

The Workout | 10 Exercises | Most 3 Sets x 10 Reps unless noted

Suspension Strap Pikes
Wall Ball (squat & toss)
Endless Rope Pull / Battle Rope Whips combo (50 reps per set)
Landmine Shoulder Press
Prowler Sled Push (down and back 25 yards each way)
Tire Flips or Tire Push Drill (5 flips or 10-20 sec drill)
Sledgehammer Slams to Tire
Sandbag Complex – Clean, Squat, Half Burpee (opt. overhd press)
Water Rower / Air Bike – 2 Minutes Each
Heavy Bag Boxing Drill (60 sec each – 3 rds)

FINISHER | EMOM style (every minute on the minute)
Rocket Lunges (5 per side x 10 sets)
Push Ups (10 sets of 10 reps)

Your Health & Fitness Celebrities at the CriticalBench COMPOUND:

Mike Westerdal
Founder of CriticalBench

Chris Wilson
Head Strength Coach @ CriticalBench

Brian Klepacki
Strength Coach & Creator of Unlock Your Glutes

Jim Muldoon
Affiliate Manager Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri Fitness LLC

Dan Long
Kill Mode Training Co. & Creator of Suspension Revolution

Anthony Alayon
Internet Marketing Genius

Chef Gui Alinat
Author of The Chef’s Repertoire & Eat More Burn More

Zach Zenios
US Marine, Yoga Instructor & Functional Movement Coach

Frank Rich
Muscle & Fitness Expert & Creator of MASSthetic Muscle

Thomas Tapp, TAPP Bros
Youtube Personality, Parkour & Bodyweight Machine

Mike Zhang
N. American Muay Thai Champ & Creator of Fat Shredder Kickboxing

Luis Diaz
Podcast Domination Expert

Oualid Zaim
Fitness Addict, Motivator & Dream Chaser

Lee Johnson
Devoted Dad Project & ANTI DAD BOD

Joe LoGalbo
PT & Creator of Anabolic EVERYTHING!

Kevin Shields
Fitness Coach & Sports Nutritionist – Kevin Shields Fitness

Jas’ Bajwa
Amazing Teeth, Tall, Lean & Taken…Sorry Ladies!

Rob Rose
Creator of Fit6Training

Gaurav Zane Sharma
Personal Exercise Specialist @ G Fit Life

Rob Piscitello
Owner/Head Strength Coach @ Built Fitness

Aleksandra Marcinkowska
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist

Carl Juneau
PhD in Epidemiology & CEO @ Dr Muscle

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