How to Get Bigger Arms | Home Gym Workout Routine



How to Get Bigger Arms | Home Gym Workout Routine.

In this video I perform my weekly arm workout routine. I train arms once a week. If you’re looking to add size and increase strength in your arms, then feel free to follow this routine.

A few pointers:
During the 21’s – I use the EZ, some people like using the straight bar. I find for 21’s, you’re able to contract the biceps more and utilizes less of the forearms muscles during this exercise. Also, remember, Half reps upper range x 7, half reps lower range x 7 then full range reps x 7, hence the name “Twenty Ones”.

During the dips, you can use a dip machine as an alternative or do normal dips on a dip bar.

30 – 60 second rest between each set of exercise (One super set includes both exercises. Do not rest in the middle of a super set).

Use weight that you can comfortably control. If you are awkwardly moving when handling the the weights, you are putting yourself at risk for injury.
Practice your form without the weight if you are new to these exercises.

Post all your questions and comments below, I will respond to you.

Try this out and let me know how it goes for you.

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Always remember to warm up and complete a proper cool down before and after all your workout sessions.

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