Lean Legs workout – ballet inspired exercises | Lazy Dancer Tips



In this video you’ll find a series of exercises that will shape your legs, make them lean, strong and ready for those summer dresses.

For an athlete the power generated from the legs is essential in order to jump, spring, fast reaction and endurance.
With training the lower part of your body you will build strong knees, hips and ankle joints which reduces the risk of injury.
But let’s not forget everyday life and tasks we do like going up and down the stairs, running for the bus or walking around town, these exercises will increase your stability, your balance and develop your overall body movements to keep you ready for anything coming your way .
Legs exercises also help with the blood flow therefore circulation of fluids stagnant in your lower body. You legs will automatically feel lighter and relieved, your body will thank you and your mind will feel happy and ready for more!


– Alessia Lugoboni
– Iacopo Di Luigi

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