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my simple workout routine – 30 minute strengthening and relaxing exercises before lunch, and a 60 minute power walk after work.
most days i follow this routine. walking is easily worked into my schedule every day, and the 30 minute mid-morning workout i do usually four times per week, depending on my calendar.

if you want to work out with me – have a look at my 30 minute PILATES VIDEO i made aaages ago :

it’s not the same as the exercises i’m doing now, but it will surely get the job done !


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this video is about my view on working out – why i do it, how and when i do it, the results, and how it makes me feel.

it might seem like a lot of time put on working out each day, but it doesn’t feel like it. our one hour walk is an excuse for us to just hang out and talk about our day, plus get time to run some errands if need be. the 30 minute pilates session goes so quickly, i’m always surprised when it’s done.

i don’t exercise to be pretty, skinny, fit, or buff. i exercise because when i don’t, my body crashes from spending too much time in front of a screen each day. it’s purely to function physically. plus, it relaxes me which is a bonus of course. losing weight or gaining weight – i don’t care. i want to be strong, healthy, have good posture, and feel at home in my body.

a little thank you to prana for gifting me my beautiful eco-friendly yoga mat. it makes my workouts so much more enjoyable to have a great mat, and a beautiful space to work out in.

love // jenny



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