Super MUTANT Delt Smash Workout | IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Manuel Romero



Super MUTANT & IFBB Pro Manuel Romero just got off his flight from Miami, and he needs to train! This precision delt smash will help any bodybuilder feel that maximum burn and pump.
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So we headed straight to Powerhouse Gym in Aldergrove BC, and filmed his highly controlled shoulder workout. You’ll see that he has the skill to use weights as tools, specifically hitting pinpoint parts of his shoulders. With high reps, drop sets, and a very fast pace, the entire workout only lasted 35 minutes. Manuel Romero clearly knows how to get HIS body to GROW.

| IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Manuel Romero’s Delt Smash Workout |
1. Standing Shoulder Press
2. Machine Shoulder Press
3. Alternating Seated Dumbbell Side/Front Raises
4. Rear Delt Cable Flyes
5. Barbel Shrugs

| Manuel Romero Bio |
My name is Manuel Romero was born in Caracas Venezuela on January 20, 1982. I grew up in a poor town with my parents, I am the youngest of 6 siblings. They were responsible for guiding me in the right direction at all times. I enrolled in classes of football, boxing classes, but the truth I fell in love with those sports.

My mother, in view of the unrest that reigned at my stage of development, brought home magazines and Muscle Fitness Body Fitness in Eng lish, certainly was very distracted but that brought all my senses, I asked my mother I attend the gym, I was 16 and not yet old enough to be alone on the street (at least, that they told me). However, these magazines aroused great curiosity in me; and motivated me to investigate what I should do for me and my brothers or models magazines. It was then that I could understand that was to eat a lot and several times a day, exercising and training with weights.

My lifestyle as a bodybuilder has taught me that it is a discipline that requires a lot of conviction and determination, this has allowed me to evolve in my personal life and I’ve learned not to give up when I have a goal or purpose in mind, putting in practice all the processes that make up this lifestyle, giving priority to food, fitness and education of the human body, with the intent to maximize my mind-muscle CONNECTION at all times.

Being a bodybuilder allows me to live the life of a healthy way and be an ambassador of good manners. Design and teach people a real food, physical and sporting habit, this is the key to a healthy life

Perseverance and discipline is the great foundation to be a bodybuilder, because a small detail or mistake could prevent your evolution.

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