Tips to stick to your new workout routine



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Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or you just want to get in shape or train for some other athletic competition, sticking to a new workout routine is essential. But exercise is hard work, and it’s easy to give up. In this video, I discuss some ideas to keep going and not give up with your new workout program.

Creating a positive habit, whether it’s exercise or something else, needs to be something you do every day. Doing it at the same time every day makes it easier to do it without thinking about it. Decide to exercise in the mornings, or afternoons, or nights, and then try to stick to that time of day no matter what.

Exercising with friends can increase your motivation. It can be more fun than working out by yourself. And they can encourage you when you’re struggling. Most of all, you won’t want to let them down by not showing up.

Even if you want to lift weights for an hour a day or run 5 miles a day, don’t start there. You won’t be able to sustain it. Start with an amount of exercise you can easily do, even if it seems too little. Then increase a little bit at a time.

Mix something fun or enjoyable with the hard work of exercise. Maybe you only listen to your favorite music when running. Maybe you save your favorite TV show and only watch it on the treadmill or stationary bike. The excitement of getting to enjoy a reward might increase your motivation to do your workout.

As I have discussed in other posts and videos, working with a personal trainer can help you avoid injuries. It’s also important because you have to make an appointment. Then you will be less likely to cancel. Before long, it will be a habit and an activity you love to do.