Warm Up Exercise Routine To Do Before Workout



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One of the most critical, yet neglected, parts of a successful weight training program is your warm up routine. A lot of guys will either skip the warm up altogether or just skim through a half assed warm up and then jump right into their heavy lifting.

Now while they may get away with this for a little while, it’s eventually going to catch up to them are they are going to get injured. And depending on the injury it could set them back several weeks or even several months in their workouts.

Warming up serves 2 purposes…

Injury prevention. This is obvious because you are less likely to pull or tear a muscle if it’s fully warmed up.

Mental focus. By going through a proper warm up routine you can help get your mind and body in the zone. It’s hard to just jump in cold and generate 100% intensity right off the bat. However, when you take 10 minutes or so to prep yourself you’ll feel stronger and be more focused during your workout.

This is the warm up exercise routine that I go through before each workout. This will get the blood flowing and prepare your body for your weight training workout. Great for preventing injury and warming up sore muscles.

Just watch the video presentation below to see exactly how I go about warming up before hitting the weights…