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Why Being A Personal Trainer Sucks – SmarterPT – Fitness Business Coaching – Fitness Business Agency

PART 2 –

Personal Trainers, I’m a fitness business coach, and I’m going to tell you something that other coaches won’t

Being a Personal Trainer literally, sucks.

I’m, Joshua, I’m the CEO and The Founder of SmarterPT, and we have designed our unique business around giving trainers everything they need to be successful. I mean everything.

But let’s get back to why being a personal trainer sucks, well it sucks for those trainers who don’t know how to build or automate their business.

There are too many Personal Trainers, that pretend working only a few hours a day is a ‘Lifestyle Choice’.

Just admit You wish that you were working more, you had more clients, more sessions, more income, took online clients, could afford to have a few well deserved holidays every year and knew what you were doing when running a business.

As a coach, I understand that The Fitness industry is competitive.

The reality is most Trainers jump into personal training, yet have no clue how to run a business or even what a successful PT business looks like.

The challenge many trainers face is that;

Without years of business knowledge, the know-how, systems, strategies and the right PT software means many trainers struggle for years with no financial outlook or they quit within the first few months.

How do I know this?
Because I’VE DONE IT!

I was a struggling Personal Trainer making only $400. I built to 19 staff, 16 of them trainers, making multiple 6 figures.

I then Successful broke into the online personal training world and now coach personal trainers worldwide on fitness business success.

As a coach, I still see the same issues across the board from Australia to The US, the UK to even NewZealand. I hear the same stories from Trainers who are stuck not knowing what to do and struggling in their business.

IF you’re struggling in your business,
Not making enough money,
fighting for leads,
undervaluing your services
finding it hard to compete.
And not got enough clients into your programs,

I can tell you that you have got a problem in your business.
And we need to help you fix it!

If this sounds like you, you are on the right page, literally on the right page.

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